How to Deep Clean Your Carpets

 Carpet Deep Cleaning Instructions

 You will Need:
  • Deep Cleaner
  • Formula
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Hot water
  • 1-3 hours depending on room size 
  • Laundry Booster (optional)
  1. First make sure that you have the correct supplies for the job you are about to do,It is very important that you have the right tools. Without the proper tools you will most likely not succeed at getting your carpets clean and may even damage your property.
  2. Before you start vacuum your carpets throughly,this is one of the most important steps of deep cleaning your carpet. Use short slow strokes with a large area of overlap to get the carpets very clean.
  3. Prepare the deep cleaner by adding the hot water and formula to the tanks.If you have a stain that has not set yet DO NOT use hot water and instead use cold or warm water. Hot water can set the stain and make it impossible to get out in the future. For best results add a little laundry booster such as Oxy-Clean to the formula tank, this will make your carpets brighter and really give them that “Just Cleaned” look.
  4. Put the tanks in the machine and plug the machine in the outlet closest to the door. Go to the farthest point in the room from the door and start cleaning, Most rental machines only clean in the reverse direction so keep that in mind. For the home machines do a wet stroke forward followed by a wet stroke back then two dry strokes to ensure all of the water has been removed from your carpets.
  5. Continue to do this for the whole room until you are done.When you are done, dump the dirty water and clean the machine then, wait for your carpets to dry before walking on them again. As soon as they dry take that vacuum cleaner and vacuum like you did before you started. Deep cleaning pulls a lot of dirt up towards the surface and not all is collected, however, it is very easy though for your vacuum to pick up at that point.