Dyson DC44 Review

From the first time you see the DC44, you can tell that it’s not your average vacuum cleaner. Dyson took a lot of risks on this innovative machine, and you can see it from a first glance. Yet, at the same time some of the most innovative things are inside the plastic housing, nestled tightly together and hidden away from view. Things like the Dyson Digital Motor, a motor that provides amazing performance, yet sips power and is very lightweight. Other innovations are easier to see, like the carbon fiber on the brushroll that helps reduce static cling on hard floors.

Carpet performance:

The Dyson DC44 comes with two different heads to clean carpet. The first head is the general purpose floor head with a motorized brushroll. This head does a great job, and is very maneuverable thanks to their V-ball system which allows the head to pivot around corners and objects simply by turning your wrist. This head does a very good job at getting carpets clean, even if you move it quickly as you pass over the carpet. The only problem I have found with this head is how quickly the brushroll gets tangled with hair, but that is a minor problem due to how easy it is to remove the tangled hair (it just takes a quarter turn of a quarter to completly remove the brushroll for cleaning).

The second head is the mini motorized head, which is much smaller, lacks the V-ball tech, and has much more space in between the bristles. This head is great without the wand for cleaning a small intense spot, or for cleaning tight areas. Perfect examples where this head would perform its best would be a pet bed, a small area of carpet or the floor mats of a car. This head concentrates the suction of the machine to a smaller area therefore making it ideal for small messes as opposed to everyday cleaning.

Hard Floor Performance:

The vacuum performs very well on hard floors when using the general purpose head thanks to the good suction and effective brushroll. Dyson designed the DC44’s brushroll with carbon fiber filament, which works on hard floors to minimize static electricity. In practice this means that there won’t be dust stuck to the floor with a static charge after you are done vacuuming. Overall, the performance of the DC44 on hard floors is quite good, and it does a great job at cleaning up quickly.


The DC44 comes with 2 main attachments in the box, with more available on Dyson’s website for purchase if the need arrises. The first is the crevice tool, which works pretty well  and has a wide opening for large objects to enter. That said, the crevice tool is nothing to write home about and really isn’t that special. What IS special is the second attachment, a combination tool that dusts surfaces and sucks up large particles. The tool is special as it converts from dusting mode to straight suction mode very easily by pressing a catch and sliding the bristles back, allowing you to easily change modes while cleaning.


The DC44 is a great machine for cleaning up messes, big or small with its compact size, powerful suction and well designed tools. Although the price might be slightly high, the performance, reliability and ease of use make up for the high perceived price. Overall, this is a machine I keep in my home, and I use it many times a week because it does a great job and helps keep the house clean before a mess piles up.

 Score: 8/10

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Dyson DC33 Review

The Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner was the machine that became the image of the Dyson name for years, and put the signature yellow color of Dyson in the minds of vacuum shoppers everywhere. Although this model claims to be a revolution, with “no loss of suction” our tests show otherwise. In our tests not have very good suction to begin with, a strong brushroll or easy to use attachments.


This machine makes use of Dyson’s first generation attachment system, which requires many steps to get the wand out for use, and even more to disconnect the wand from the hose if you do not want to use the wand. Although the wand is comfortable to hold it is somewhat heavy and may be hard to use for extended periods of time. The attachments that come with this machine are also somewhat sparse, consisting of a crevice tool, a multi use tool and, on the higher priced animal models, a turbo brush. Dyson has a great deal of other attachments available for purchase that are compatible with the DC33 but the included ones are a bit lackluster. The machine is also a bit prone to tipping when the hose is stretched, such as when one is cleaning the stairs or draperies.

Floor Cleaning

This machine has an automatically adjusting floor head and a brushroll that can be disabled for cleaning the hard floors. The brushroll on this unit is quite weak and will only clean the surface of your carpet, in addition the airflow on this machine can be pitiful at times, requiring multiple passes over a spot to get something on the top of the carpet. The machine also has a terrible snowplowing problem due to the self adjusting head, this means that large debris will be pushed rather than sucked up by the machine. Medium to small sized debris don’t fare well either as the vacuum will pass over multiple times without picking up a thing. The bin does a great job of disguising this, as it fluffs up the dirt that was collected to make it appear like more was collected than there actually was. This fluffing action actually kicks up dirt within the bin that the filters must then attempt to remove, clogging them and requiring you to wash them.

Final Words

Overall this vacuum is quite disappointing for the claims it makes. In addition the high price of the machine is a huge detractor, as you are not paying for high performance in this case but beautiful design that does not perform well.


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Score 3/10 (more…)

Dyson DC41 Review

When the DC41 came in we were excited, in the past we had not had good results with Dyson vacuums in our testing process. We really hoped that this would be the one they got right, and finally was worth the price. I am happy to preface this review with the fact that this is the first Dyson I would use in my house.


This machine is the combination of third generation Dyson ball technology and third generation Dyson cyclone technology, dubbed Radial Root Cyclone. The new ball is smaller, much easier to maneuver and more powerful that both of the two previous generations. The new ball also has the hoses between the bin and the floor head integrated into it, saving space and lowering the center of gravity. This makes it easier to maneuver around your space, and clean efficiently. The ball also works with the floor head to maintain a seal to the surface being cleaned. This seal helps the machine clean effectively by keeping the suction from leaking out of the brush chamber. This allows the machine to get great performance on fine dirt that is in the carpet, and effective cleaning in a residential setting.

The new cyclone technology is a HUGE step up from previous cyclone technology, as it now has smaller cyclones in addition to the large cyclones on previous machines. The large cyclones filter out larger particles, while the higher speed small cyclones filter out small dust and sand from the air stream. These cyclones work together to keep most dirt out of the filters and in the bin, a large step up from previous models. This machine will keep the filters and air cleaner than any Dyson before it, promising huge gains in performance.

The machine does not have many attachments that come with it, even though it has a great wand release system. For the high price a few more of the well designed Dyson attachments would have been greatly appreciated. That said the attachments that came with the machine performed quite well and are very nice to use. The machine also is very quick to convert from floor use to tool use, a large plus as some vacuums can take a great deal of steps and be cumbersome to the user. The hose offers good performance as well, being able to handle a large volume of debris being sucked up.

The floor head performs quite well, with a very nice brushroll that has the power to get deep into the pile unlike previous Dyson machines that were quite weak. This new design also ensures that the floor head creates a seal with the floor, keeping the suction concentrated and cleaning at a high efficiency. This does create a snowplowing problem, as when you try to pick up large debris the head will push them rather than allow them to enter the brush chamber and be sucked up. This is not as much of a problem as some others as you can easily detach the wand, suck up the large particles, and resume vacuuming your floors. This machine will also automatically adjust between different floor types, and can have its brush turned off for cleaning hard floors.

Overall this is a great new machine from Dyson, and I am happy to see that they are competitive with this machine in the marketplace. Although the price is high, the machine certainly performs quite well.

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Score: 9/10

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