Neato XV Robot Review

The Neato XV series of robot vacuums are a radical departure form previous robots that were sold as “vacuums” in the past. Other machines that were marketed as vacuums were just glorified sweepers that bounced around the room randomly. These machines were good at keeping the surface of your carpet clean, but failed to get ANY deep embedded dirt. I have tried various models from iRobot and other manufactures over the past few years but none have managed to actually vacuum, merely sweeping the top of the carpet. This machine is the first real robot that can be called a vacuum. This machine also does not randomly bounce around the room like others but instead employs a laser to create a map of the room. With this map it will plan out a path through the room and cover every spot in the room once. Also unlike previous robots the Neato does not bump into your walls and furniture  but will see them with its laser and not touch them. By not going over some spots many times and others once it can save energy and devote that extra energy to cleaning. This translates into a machine that has a powerful vacuum, in addition to sweeping debris off of the floor. Although the machine cannot replace a full sized vacuum it does do quite a good job at keeping the floors clean in between. The machine will also run automatically on a schedule so it can clean when you are away.

Although the machine will occasionally get stuck on things like a lamp or a chair leg, most of the time (98%) it will detect and avoid the obstruction. Even when it does get stuck, about 75% of the time it is able to free itself and continue cleaning. When it cannot free itself and continue cleaning the house. To keep the machine from going places that it might get stuck, or out of places you do not want it to clean you can place a magnetic strip down. This strip looks like a black threshold and acts like a wall to the robot. When the robot detects the strip it will act as if the strip is a wall that it cannot touch.

For arround $400 it can be expensive for a supplemental vacuum, but after you see how much work and time this machine saves you it is hard to go back to the old way of cleaning again. This machine will truly change the way you think about cleaning and will make your home much cleaner.

Here is a video review:

Score: 7/10

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