Dyson DC33 Review

The Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner was the machine that became the image of the Dyson name for years, and put the signature yellow color of Dyson in the minds of vacuum shoppers everywhere. Although this model claims to be a revolution, with “no loss of suction” our tests show otherwise. In our tests not have very good suction to begin with, a strong brushroll or easy to use attachments.


This machine makes use of Dyson’s first generation attachment system, which requires many steps to get the wand out for use, and even more to disconnect the wand from the hose if you do not want to use the wand. Although the wand is comfortable to hold it is somewhat heavy and may be hard to use for extended periods of time. The attachments that come with this machine are also somewhat sparse, consisting of a crevice tool, a multi use tool and, on the higher priced animal models, a turbo brush. Dyson has a great deal of other attachments available for purchase that are compatible with the DC33 but the included ones are a bit lackluster. The machine is also a bit prone to tipping when the hose is stretched, such as when one is cleaning the stairs or draperies.

Floor Cleaning

This machine has an automatically adjusting floor head and a brushroll that can be disabled for cleaning the hard floors. The brushroll on this unit is quite weak and will only clean the surface of your carpet, in addition the airflow on this machine can be pitiful at times, requiring multiple passes over a spot to get something on the top of the carpet. The machine also has a terrible snowplowing problem due to the self adjusting head, this means that large debris will be pushed rather than sucked up by the machine. Medium to small sized debris don’t fare well either as the vacuum will pass over multiple times without picking up a thing. The bin does a great job of disguising this, as it fluffs up the dirt that was collected to make it appear like more was collected than there actually was. This fluffing action actually kicks up dirt within the bin that the filters must then attempt to remove, clogging them and requiring you to wash them.

Final Words

Overall this vacuum is quite disappointing for the claims it makes. In addition the high price of the machine is a huge detractor, as you are not paying for high performance in this case but beautiful design that does not perform well.


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Score 3/10


Dyson DC33
Bad machine with no real power behind it.
3 / 10 stars


3 thoughts on “Dyson DC33 Review

  1. I’m looking for the best battery operated Machine. what would you recommend.momostly be going to be used on tile and hardwood floor

  2. The problem is the lack of brushes on the roller bar. Dyson has good suction. The other problem is the cheap plastic the machine is made from, I get these traded in all the time I am in Arkansas,Customers here have got to take there Dyson to the Sears repair center in our local area and then they sent them to Dallas Texas to repair them and we might get them back in 8 weeks I have had customers not get there machine back from being lost or refusing to pay shipping cast even if the machine is under warranty.

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