Shark Navigator Review

Shark Navigator

This vacuum is very well known and most people have strong opinions on it. On one hand, it claims to do all that a Dyson can and 1/3 the price and on the other, it has a radically different design and is not HEPA rated. No matter what your opinion on the vacuum is, the facts are that it does clean very well for the price, about as well as the Dyson DC33 in our tests. It does lack a few things that the Dyson has like auto-emptying top cyclones (more on this later) and a HEPA filter. It has some things that some Dyson models lack like a separate brushroll motor and not being forced to use the wand for attachments. The Shark Navigator is also must cheaper and comes with more attachments.

The brushes on the Shark really groom the nap of the carpet and allow the powerful suction to reach deep and remove all the ground in dirt. This means the bin will fill quickly which is a problem due to the fact that the bin is quite small compared to most vacuums. This vacuum is cyclonic which means that the vacuum will not lose suction over time as you clean your living space. The vacuum houses 21 cyclones in the top portion of the bin which you have to manually empty about every 5 uses or the suction power will decrease. This is something that is nice about the Dyson which automatically empties the upper cyclones.

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Shark Navigator
Date Published: 03/28/2013
This machine has a great price to performance rating and will really get things clean!
7 / 10 stars

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