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Update 10/13/12

The full written review has been uploaded, CLICK HERE to read the SHARK ROCKET REVIEW

Update 10/12/13

The videos are now being uploaded for the Shark Rocket, here are the videos that are currently online:

Unboxing and First Look

Watch below or CLICK HERE to watch in in a large player on YouTube (Recommended)

Review and Test

Watch below or CLICK HERE to watch in in a large player on YouTube (Recommended)

Update 10/11/13:

VacBin now has a Shark Rocket vacuum and will be posting an unboxing soon. The review will be up shortly, along with more info! In the mean time, Here are some pictures of the box:

Shark Rocket Box Top ViewTop view of the box

Shark Rocket Box  SIDE1

One side of the box

Shark Rocket Box  SIDE2

Another side of the box

Original Info:

As many of you know the Shark Rocket vacuum was recently unveiled and put on sale by Shark. Shark is now using the Rocket branding on two machines, the Shark Rocket PRO vacuum, which is just a Shark Rotator in a new color scheme (you can even see the Rotator label on the front) that machine can be seen in the picture below.


The other machine is called the Shark Rocket, and this is a brand new machine. The new machine looks a lot like the Dyson Digital Slim vacuum and many people are looking for a comparison of the Shark Rocket VS the Dyson Digital Slim. The simple truth is that they are two very different machines with different purposes. The Shark Rocket is designed to be an upright replacement whereas the Dyson Digital Slim is designed to be a quick pickup machine.

13 thoughts on “Shark Rocket News

  1. Have the dyson canister without the ball for the last six years.Bought the shark rocket today and yes,performs much better regarding power and pickup.

  2. I was just getting ready to purchase the Shark Rotator & saw this new model. When will that review post. I would really like some input on this model vs the Rocket Pro(just a rebranded Rotator) before I make my purchase. Thanks.

        1. Yep! I’m in the process of finishing up the review right now, although if you were looking for a quick answer the review video has about 80% of the info that will be in the written review.

  3. Confused about the new shark rocket pro upright. I saw on the how-to video regarding how to clean hair around the brushroll that it has a new feature with a grooved line to make it easier to cut hair off and also the bottom plate can be removed for complete access to the brushroll. I then noticed this vacuum in the video she refers to as the Rocket, but it says Rotator like you mentioned. I have e-mailed and called shark customer service and no one is able to answer my inquiry about this. They insist it is the Rocket NOT Rotator and that the Rotator only comes in the red/white color. I asked that they look at the video but they say they are unable to access it. I asked that they send my inquiry to a supervisor to look at the video to see that the vacuum says ROTATOR not Rocket. No response yet…I actually bought the Rocket Pro and after opening the box and looking at the motor nozzle, it does NOT have the grooved line and the plate can not be removed. Returned it. This is the feature I want and can not figure out which model has it. Also I noticed the bottom plate in the video is orange and the one I bought is gray. Two different vacuums! Can you help clear up this CONFUSION? Thanks.

    1. Shark has not given me any detail on this, however I have heard reports of the ROTATOR branding on Rocket machines as well. I believe that this may just be a problem with early models as I have heard the reports go down in number.

  4. Thanks. Have you purchased the new Rocket Pro and does it have the grooved line across the brushroll and 3 flat tabs on the bottom plate you can remove to take the plate off for full access to the brushroll to cut and clean hair and fibers? If you do have this one, which exact model is it and where did you buy it from? Will you be doing a review soon?

  5. I am interested in the SHARK Rotator Lift Away and the new SHARK Rocket. I am having a hard time deciding which vacuum would be better for our household. We have tile in the main and bathrooms with hardwood floors in the bedrooms. We also have pets and the hair builds up fast forming pet hair tumble bunnies in just a few days.

  6. Can you reccomend any other inexpensive, leightweight, compact machines ? I live in a tiny apartment but in NYC where it is very dirty. I have hardwood and a white shag area rug. Oh, and I have a dog.

    Your video was great. Thanks !!

  7. Hey I was looking at the shark rocket professional online and it looks pretty cool and I was considering to purchase it. It would be awesome if you could do a review, but if not no problem. Thanks and I think your other reviews are great.

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