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This vacuum promises a great deal of things both in the advertisements and even on the box of the product itself. It claims to have more power than a Dyson DC40 upright vacuum cleaner. Shark then goes further and shows the Rocket next to various upright vacuums in their advertisements. Shark markets the machine as a replacement for an upright vacuum. Unfortunately the Rocket simply lacks the performance to compete with an upright vacuum, and has other flaws that prevent me from recommending the Shark Rocket to most people in the market for a vacuum. Read on for more information about why I can’t recommend the vacuum.


The Shark Rocket is quite easy to push on carpet, at most times feeling almost self-propelled due to its light weight and fast brushroll. That said, the ease of use is negated as you will be spending a great deal of time going over the same spot multiple times if you want to actually clean your carpets. Unfortunately, the Rocket seems to lack much weight on the cleaning head, as such the brush cannot dig deep into the pile and get out any dirt. Furthermore, the dirt that is on top of the carpet is often either pushed forward (this is called “snowplowing” by the vacuum industry) or shot out the front as the suction is too weak.

The Rocket was also bad at pet hair pickup, leaving most of the dog hair on the floor rather than in the bin. In addition, the Shark doesn’t have a HEPA filter or a sealed bin (more on this in the Design Flaws section below), which caused me to launch into a sneezing fit after using in (in fact, it took 3 takes to get the Carpet section of the video review because I kept sneezing). This means that the dust and dirt that you just spend time picking up will be blown out the exhaust and land on your floor again. Overall, the carpet cleaning experience is inexcusably bad, and a sick joke for a machine claiming to “Out clean full-sized vacuums” (Shark’s website and the Rocket box).

Hard Floors

The Shark Rocket has two ways of cleaning hard floors: the Dust-Away attachment, or the standard cleaning head with the brushroll. Both of these methods have their problems, and neither will do a great job at getting your floor clean. To start, let’s talk about the standard head. First, the head sits low to the floor and will not suck up large particles, instead pushing them along. Second, you cannot turn off the brushroll, only turn it to low speed, which will still kick the dirt that enters the head out. Third, the suction is too weak, and as such dirt won’t get picked up.

Shark Rocket Dust-Away Tool
Shark Rocket Dust-Away Tool

On the Dust-Away side, things aren’t much better. First, the suction channel is raised too high for the weak suction to be used effectively. This means that most dirt and dust will not get picked up by the Rocket.  You can see this in the review video as the honey nut scooters were pushed across the floor and not picked up. Second, the vacuum will not stand up by itself and will fall over quite easily when in this mode, even when leaned against something like a wall or a chair. Third, the pad tends to simply push most of the dirt along the front edge, which can end up scratching your floors.


The one area where the Shark Rocket does well would be attachment usage. The Rocket’s light weight allows you maneuver it into tight spaces and get the dirt. The Rocket comes with three attachments in the box: a wide dusting tool, a combo brush, and a crevice tool. All three tools are good quality and do a good job at getting dirt and cleaning most items. Once again the lack of good filtration is a problem as the dirt that you just collected is being blown out the exhaust.

Shark Rocket Dusting Brush
Shark Rocket Dusting Brush
Shark Rocket Crevice Tool
Shark Rocket Crevice Tool
Shark Rocket Combination Brush Tool
Shark Rocket Combination Brush Tool



Design Flaws

Due to the sheer number, I simply put my findings into a bullet pointed list.

  • No HEPA filtration
  • Bin leaks dirt due to lack of a seal
  • Cord attached and bin not removable (when you want to empty the small bin, you must take the cord with you as the bin is attached and not removable)
  • Does not stand up in any mode
  • Weak suction
  • Filters get dirty fast
  • Snowplowing is a problem on carpet
  • No option to turn off brush
  • Small bin
  • Cord hook not ergonomic at all
Shark Rocket in storage mode, look at the cord has to be wrapped
Shark Rocket in storage mode, look at the way the cord has to be wrapped

These are just the flaws I found in the short amount of testing I have done with the Rocket.


Overall the Shark Rocket is a very disappointing machine, because it promises so much, yet delivers so little. Overall, I cannot recommend the Shark Rocket in good faith as the machine does not perform anywhere near as well as it should, especially for its price ($150-250 depending on package). Perhaps Shark will fix these flaws and release the Shark Rocket 2, but until then, I would stay away from the Shark Rocket.

Score: 4/10


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Shark Rocket Vacuum
Disappointing performance and a high price tag make this vacuum a no go.
4 / 10 stars


19 thoughts on “Shark Rocket Review

  1. Thanks much for the review. I am deciding between the Shark Rocket Pro and last years model – Shark Rotator. Are you planning on doing a review of the Rocket Pro as well? Any thoughts on how one is different than the other?

  2. How do l register rocket purchase on line.I have tried and after 30 minutes or so haven’t had any luck.What have l overlooked or doing wrong.

  3. Thank you for the review, I’m interested in the Rocket Pro. Are you planning a review on the Rocket Pro as well. Is it comparable to the Shark rotator. Just trying to make a concrete decision.

  4. I purchased the sharp rocket and very dissapointed it does not pick up as it showed on tv the filters get dirty fast and it work horrible on wood floors do not buy ths you will be dissappointed

  5. I find that it is top heavy after a while when vacuuming.It seems to loose suction when trying to use additional tools and hard to handle.I think it would be easier with a hose attachment for other tools. Home and car detail kit is a joke, this to small objects like a computer not a car.I am ok with it on carpet. If I had used the tools before I needed them I would not have kept the rocket. Just another rip off.

  6. I have a shark navigator liftaway and i love it best vacuum i have ever used..only downfall is the that the stretchy hose could be a bit longer and maybe not so tight makes it a bit hard to use the attachments properly but as a vacuum its great…well thats my opinion anyway

  7. A new shark rocket came out called the shark rocket deluxe pro/truepet. There’s two models. Can you review either of them to see if it fares better than this old one? Bed bath and beyond website shows it has the true pet model which has the motorized hand brush.

  8. just bought and so far very disappointed. it runs away with me and stick too long, it tires my arm so and takes me on a trip lol. cant figure how to work dust away and having a time with how too take off c anaster that holds dirt. guess im stuck with it. heard it was so good. oh well!!!!!!

  9. I was watching your video on the demonstration of Shark Sonic Duo. It was really disappointing in the results that you achieved after use. I enjoyed watching the video and have to say that it pays to look at it from a consumer like you and I. In my opinion, the Sonic Duo is nothing more than a different twist on the “old school” bonnet method of cleaning carpet. I’ve been cleaning carpets for nearly 14 years and nothing replaces the hot water extraction method when it comes to cleaning dirty carpets. Quick question for you? Do you do these tests as a hobby or is this something that you as a job to help consumers make purchasing decisions on vacuums, carpet & floor care products, and demo use?

    Chris K.

    Little Rock, Arkansas

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