Shark Sonic Duo Pre-Review

Please note: This is NOT a review, I am blogging about my experiences with the Sonic Duo around the house before I write a formal review.


Updated 5-14 for Stone Cleaning

Updated 5-16 for Hard Floor Polishing

Carpet Performance:

When it came to carpet performance I was not sure what to think. The Sonic duo made very large claims about its performance in it’s ads. When I tried it out on my carpet I found that although it had good performance at removing stains, it lacks performance in revitalizing the carpet and removing dirt. It did an exemplary job at removing stains that were set in for multiple months, however it failed to brighten the carpet as it claimed it would. The machine was easy to use, and very easy to push, however it did not do a very good job. There were still some stains that were in the carpet, and the carpet failed to get any brighter after the Sonic Duo was used as directed.

Here is a video of using the Sonic Duo:

Here is a video of the results after I used the Sonic Duo:

Hardwood Performance:

On hard floors, such as hardwood the sonic duo excelled and did an amazing job cleaning, requiring very little effort to do an amazing job at making the floors shiny and removing spots. The floors looked almost polished after I was finished, and only used the hard floor cleaner that came inside the box. The Sonic Duo required very little effort to use, allowing itself to be pushed along the floor using its Airglide technology without any real effort at all.

Here is a video of the Sonic Duo on hardwood:

Tile Performance:

On tile the Sonic duo does a great job of scrubbing away tough stains, using its weight, cleaning formula and fast moving heads together to form a great cleaning combination. The three all work together to power away most stains and dirt on the floor with just one or two passes. Some stubborn stains required a little more, and for those I just turned the speed up and held the Sonic Duo over the spot for a few seconds. When I did that almost every time the Sonic Duo would get the spot off of the floor.

Here is a video of the Sonic Duo on Tile:

Stone and Granite Performance

On stone and granite the Sonic Duo is quite good with the scrubby strip on the hard floor pad loosening the dirt and the noodle part of the pad getting into all of the nooks and crannies. Here is a picture of the Hard floor pad where you can see all three parts of the pad, soft, scrubby, and noodle:

The three work quite well and get a LOT of dirt out of the floor, which can make the pad quite dirty very quickly but gets the floor SPOTLESS! The stone was amazingly clean after I finished cleaning it. The granite on the other hand got streaky after I used the formula, however I do not blame the Sonic Duo as the water is quite hard here, and the granite gets streaky with almost anything.

Here is a video of the Sonic Duo cleaning stone:


Hard floor polishing performance:

Although the sonic duo does a good job already on hard floors and gets them quite shiny, Shark sells a polish that can be used on the floors to make them shine even further. I picked some up (my Sonic Duo didn’t come with any) and got to work. The Sonic Duo does a great job at doing all of the work for you, and allowing the floors to get out their true beauty. The process is very easy, makes the floor spotless, and does not make the floor slippery, like some waxes and polishes. The polish is a great value, and I highly recommend picking some up if you have a Sonic Duo.

Here is a video of me polishing the floor with the Sonic Duo:

28 thoughts on “Shark Sonic Duo Pre-Review

  1. hmmmmm, me wonders if you should have taped off a carpet area to clean? Comparing the videos…the end result appears a bit improved overall yet maybe that is a lighting variance. HEY…maybe your carpet wasn’t as dirty as you had hoped. 😉 And maybe their brightening guesstimation is for those that really are? Not a dye lightening but dirt disappearance? 🙂 Should have used he spot pads on the doggy OOPS?

    It has my interest…for areas not carpeted, looks to be a dream machine over a mop with pad(even with terry utility cloths replacing those disposables) or being on the hands and knees. Want to see your final review, though…and THANKS, young man ~ nice to find unbiased info so early on with product out of the starting gate!

  2. I must say I am intrigued! Ur dirty and my dirty are two opposite extremes’……ur dirty looks spotless…my dirty is quite filthy with three kids and a live in dog…..this shark makes cleaning look fun…..thanks for ur time and posts….what’s the best price and where is the best place to purchase”?

    1. I found the best deal at Walmart, although I hear that Target will be selling the Sonic Duo next month.

      1. The best price doesn’t seem to be WalMart @ $228 but, rather, Bed, Bath and Beyond (if you have their frequently provided 20% off coupon which brings the price down to $200).

  3. Are your hardwood floors sealed? I’m interested but am not sure it can be used on unsealed hardwood floors. Also most of my house is hardwood about 1900 square feet. Is it ok to use the mop for long periods?

    1. Yep, my floors are sealed. It is ok to use the Sonic Duo for long periods provided that you don’t hold it in one place too long.

      1. I can’t seem to find the answer to my question. I have a floating laminate floor and the laminate is Matte finish. Is the shark sonic duo safe to use on a floating floor? I’m apprehensive about using it and getting the floor too wet. In fact, I would probably not use the cleaning solutions included but would hands-free areas of the floor with a light mist of vinegar and water.
        I’m hopeful someone will have an answer about the floating floor versus using the sonic duo. Thank you very much

  4. Nothing was said about vinyl flooring. My kitchen floor has dark looking places I’m hoping to clear up. Thank you.

  5. Hello, I plan on purchasing this product but there are quite a few different opinions about it, especially when it comes to cleaning stains out of the carpet. That is the main reason for me making this purchase. I do have animals, but they are grown and housebroken, but sometimes when were gone for a while they get into things and drag it in on the carpet. What I want to know is, If I purchase this product and it doesn’t work as nicely for me as It did for you on your Informercial, will I be able to return it?

    Thank You

  6. After reading this, I bought one. I do like the machine itself and it cleans my stone floors and hardwood floors like a dream. I can’t believe the dirt that came off AFTER I had vacuumed it. The machine is so easy to use and almost fun! It wasn’t quite as great on the carpet as it was not able to remove a stain, but on my rugs, it worked great. I even was able to do it on my carpeted steps. I also love that I can clean my stone floors and it doesn’t leave streaks. All other cleaning methods leave streaks on those floors.

    My only gripe about this is getting the replacement solution you need. Unfortunately I can only find them bundled at a rather high price. You do have to use their solutions. I now have 4 bottles of the carpet stain remover because it is bundled with the shampoo. I do not need one more bottle of the stain remover, much less four bottles, but they come together at the cost of $26 where I am. The hard floor cleaner came bundled with a pad. I don’t need any more pads. This is making this pretty costly for me and I am really wishing the company would sell singular bottles of solution and separate the pads from the solution. I want to be able to get them at my local Walmart or Target. This is my only gripe (and it is kind of a big one).

  7. I am looking for a vac/steam mop duo. I actually won’t even use it on my carpet. I am looking to vacuum up all the grass and dirt that my dogs bring into our kitchen and the kitty litter that my cats track out of the litter box. I am also looking to then clean the tile and grout as well. Will the Shark Sonic Duo do all of this for me?

  8. We are considering the Shark Sonic Duo for the tile floors in our Florida condo. In your tile video you didn’t mention whether or not the scrub pad can get the grout clean. In other words, can the big flat pads get to the grout which is slightly below the tile flat surface?


  9. I used the Sonic Duo on brand new unsealed marble floors. Unfortunately the polish streaked and now I can’t get it off. Does anyone have a solution? I think I prefer the Shark steamer for the marble but the Duo is good on the carpet. I get many pet stains and it helps. On the other hand, the comercial is enticing but my carpets don’t look THAT good after cleaning.
    Thanks for your help.

  10. Thanks for your reviews!

    1) I’m wondering what you think of the Shark Steam and Mop? I’m thinking about buying it for my kitchen floor which are vinyl.
    2) then getting a carpet cleaner for carpets. Which is best in your opinion?

    Thanks Much….

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