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  1. Enjoyable and informative video reviews 🙂 Looking forward to watching more of them whenever you get the time.

    Best wishes from Norway

  2. One more thing. I have been subscribed to your utube channel forever, btw. I follow all the vac channels I can find – seems I am the only women interested, lol. I collect bagless vacs – I don’t have alot of discrecionary income at present, so I really have to save and be choosy. I have some vacs I got before money became tight and some that I have saved for and some I was gifted with. I have 3 dysons – a dc25 animal, a dc28 animal and a dc23 animal. I have one Eureka – the air zuum. I have several bissells – the versus, a purepro, a cleanview helix (really cheap, basic model) and a powerforce compact. I have a dirt devil ultra. I have an electrolux nimble. And I have several hoovers – one of the first T series that came out, the bagless canister (large green one) currently out of commision, another t series, pretty basic model, and a windtunnel air (not the steerable one). I am older and don’t get engage in “vacuum fights or debates”. Everyone has preferences. I do the same kind of “vac testing” on my own, but don’t feel comfortable posting videos.

    So I have a few questions/comments for you. Of all my vacs, the dirt devil is worthless. Super noisy and poor pick up. Regarding my dysons, I like them esheticly, but the dc23 canister is great for hardfloors, but not so good on my carpets. I have had alot of issues with the dc 25 – as with most dysons, it relies in suction (as opposed to aggitation) almost completely and on med to high pile carpet, it simply doesn’t deep clean *my* carpets. Now, I really like the dc28 – it is a bigger vac, but it feels self propelled and does deep clean. But one thing I do like about all three is that a have some good attachments, and the turbo tool that comes with all the animal models is awesome – unlike all the other turbo tools, having the moter area on the side allows for pick-up of almost anything and it never clogs or jams and is easy to clean. I know bissells are considered basicly cheap and worthless – and I have had issues with all their “hepa” and air filtration. However, I have noticed that even my cheapest bissell has more agitation than any of my other vacs – not a recommendation to anyone, but just an interesting tidbit. I was hoping to see the hoover review here – wondering if you kept it. I like my hoovers alot for basic carpet vacuuming – I easpecially like the windtunnel air – again, not really any agitation, but it has alot of suction and picks up larger debris some of the other vac brands struggle with. The canister worked well, but is cheaply made – a wire broke, but a friend is going to fix that. However, I do find that generally, they don’t come with good tools, and the tool suction is poor. I generally don’t like Eurekas, but I liked the sleek look of the zuum and it was gifted to me (new) and it does a better job than my dc25. The electrolux nimble is what I would expect of electrolux – great floor and tool suction and easy to use.

    So, I have a wish list. I want a shark – I like the one you have that comes with so many tools. However, I know you rated the navigator lift away and the rotator lift away the same. Which would you suggest, as you seem to be the most vocal shark supporter? I also would like the new windtunnel air steerable. And I have heard good things about the new bissell cleanview upright. But it’s more of a thought than a want. I like more compact vacs, bagless is a must and I don’t do cordless. So besides whatever shark you recommend, do you have any recommendations for other vacs? I really want to get the best deal for the price, and higher priced is fine, if it is worth it. Sorry this got long – thanks in advance!

    1. I would probably go for the Rotator if you want the best cleaning power. If weight is a concern I would lean toward the Navigator.

  3. I’m looking for a cordless 2 in 1, I guess what is sometimes called a “sweeper”. I was seriously considering the shark rocket until I watched your video comparing it to the Dyson one. I want a sweeper with a hand held that will fit under furniture. Dust bunnies are a real challenge at my house with wood floors. Is there any alternative brands or models that can suit me that’s not $300 or more? What do you think about purchasing a refurbished Dyson off of ebay?

    By the way, so appreciate your help in the videos!

  4. I can get a new Dyson DC50 Animal Compact from the PX for $351.00 or a
    Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away for $249.00. I live in a town house with wooden floors on the first floor and carpet on the 2nd floor. I like both, money is not the issue… just want the best for the job and ease of use….

    Would love to have your input… (may have a dog one day)



  5. Reviews are very helpful. Obviously, I’m looking for a new vacuum. What are your reviews on vacuums for cat hair & hepa filters. Any info is helpful. Thanks

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